300 schools, 27 districts, 33800 students engaged with 10th edition of YATS

Tata Steel Young Astronomer Talent Search (YATS) is back with a bang! Tata Steel is celebrating 10th edition of YATS, organized in collaboration with Pathani Samanta Planetarium, with renewed vigour and excitement. The flagship event of the Tata Steel in Odisha, it is aimed to promote the contributions of legendary Odisha astronomer, Pathani Samanta in the field of Astronomy, YATS seeks to identify and promote the talents of school students in the field of space science by providing platforms to test and express their knowledge.


Young Astronomer Talent Search 2016-17

The 10th edition of YATS is different from its previous version with a twist in the format. YATS 2016-17 includes:

  • -Open Quiz Competition on Astronomy (Eligibility: Classes VII & VIII)
  • -Essay Competition with a section containing objective questions on astronomy   (Eligibility: Classes IX & X)

    Topics for essay competition
  1. Building the next generation International Space Station
  2. Space tourism: Human space-flights and their future
  3. The future of the Indian Space Programme: The next frontier
  4. New generation telescopes: How to see the unseen

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